I am currently making a game called "Kirdow's Game" where I
implement stuff I feel fits into 'my game'

Changelog for v0.0.4.0 Alpha:

• Added sand tile
  • Walking on sand will make your character move slower
• Added bridge tile
  • Bridge tiles rotate depending on the water around it
• Added a new solid tile called Brick.
• Improved tile transitions
  • Tile transitioning are now based on an overlap integer and an overlap boolean
  • Higher number means this tile will overlap lower numbered tiles
  • The overlap boolean set to false means this tile wont overlap other tiles but overlap can connect to this tile
    • Brick has a higher overlap value and boolean set to false
• Finally fixed character orientation
  • The orientation will now stay in the direction you moved when you stop moving
• Changed pathfinding
  • Leftclicking will now make your character move automatically to that tile
  • Rightclick still cancel the action
    • Moving around will not cancel the pathfind

Download: KirdowsGameAlpha0_0_4_0.jar