I am currently making a game called "Kirdow's Game" where I
implement stuff I feel fits into 'my game'

Changelog for v0.1.0.0 Alpha:

• First major patch released
• Added health and mana
  • Using too much mana will make your character lose health slowly
• Moved pathfind to rightclick
  • Moved pathfind cancelling to moving your character
• Added a spell to your character (currently does nothing special)
  • Casting the spell cost 10 mana
  • Cast spell using leftclick
• Added heart entity which either gives a buff or a debuff
  • The buff grant you 1 HP/s regen
  • The debuff hurt you by 15 HP
• Added first way of winning/losing the game.
  • This is far from the final product way of doing it
  • Win the game by getting 6 HP/s regen
  • Lose the game by losing all your health

Download: KirdowsGameAlpha0_1_0_0.jar